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 Instrumental versions of "Secret Dances" songs.

Secret Dances Instrumental

Touch My Soul Instrumental cut.mp3|TouchMySoulInstrumental cut

Open Up Your Eyes Instrumental cut.mp3|OpenUpYourEyesInstrumental cut

You're Gonna Cry Instrumental'reGonnaCryInstrumental cut.mp3|You'reGonnaCryInstrumental cut

Love Me Tonight Instrumental cut.mp3|LoveMeTonightInstrumental cut

Darlin' Instrumental'Instrumental cut.mp3|Darlin'Instrumental cut

Secret Doctor Dance Instrumental cut.mp3|SecretDoctorDanceInstrumental cut

Last Of My Kind Instrumental cut.mp3|LastOfMyKindInstrumental cut

My Blue Eyes Instrumental cut.mp3|MyBlueEyesInstrumental cut

I Love You Instrumental cut.mp3|ILoveYouInstrumental cut

Fantasy Instrumental cut.mp3|FantasyInstrumental cut

Number One Instrumental cut.mp3|NumberOneInstrumental cut



Healer Unreleased Vocal songs.

Hold Me Tonight cut.mp3|HoldMeTonight cut

Jennophobia cut.mp3|Jennophobia cut

Oh My Love cut.mp3|OhMyLove cut

Hide My Fat Gut My Fat Gut.mp3|Hide My Fat Gut

Light Speed Speed.mp3|Light Speed

Look At Me Now At Me Now.mp3|Look At Me Now

Welcome To My World To My World.mp3|Welcome To My World

Rock And Roll And Roll .mp3|Rock And Roll

Oh Silly Man Silly Man.mp3|Oh Silly Man

I Don't Need Your Love Don't Need Your Love.mp3|I Don't Need Your Love